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July 07 2014

The first use of 'to Google' on television? "Have you googled her yet?" "She's 17!"

I thought we'd already covered this but I don't see it in the archive, so ok. It was a nice little historical note from The Atlantic. Sarah Michelle Gellar bragged about it a little on Twitter when it was published, which I thought was neat.

And by search the archive I mean that I used the Google site search to Google the word Google... and then my brain quietly imploded.
So does Rebecca Rand Kirshner get official credit for coining the phrase?
I think people online were already using that lexicon before Buffy.
But it was the first use on television.
'Help' is also important as the writers created a website to tie in with the episode. Buffy was one of the first tv shows to use media of this type.
It's such a normal word now that it never occurred to me that 'googled' also sounds like a Buffyism. I'm sure it was already used before 'Help', but it's fitting that Buffy was the series to say it first.
"So does Rebecca Rand Kirshner get official credit for coining the phrase?"

Not necessarily. Joss proofread/edited nearly every Buffy episode's script before it shot. Rebecca could have come up with this, but it could have been Joss as well.

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"By 2006, Google’s lawyers—fearful of seeing the company’s name brand watered down to the trademark mushiness of Kleenex..."

So will "Kleenexed" become a term meaning to genericize a brand name? Like, will we say that Xerox got Kleenexed?

Bully for another Buffy first, though. Thoroughly vetted or not, I say it should be cited in dictionaries.

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