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July 09 2014

Giles featured on Previously.TV's "badass week." In which Giles' surprise return for the season six finale is deemed to be badass.

I'd forgotten that scene, a fun one. My daughter's watching the show for the first time and is about 6 episodes away from this moment. We watched one last night where Buffy confides in Tara; daughter turned to me and said "Oh, I just love Tara." Took all I had not to laugh maniacally. She really liked Wash too.
That is my single favorite moment in the entire series. Maybe even in all of the Whedonverse. I jumped up and down, screaming to my empty room, all by my lonesome that "Giles was back! He was going to make everything alright! Giles was back!"
So good Whedon reussed it in the comics with Willow...
I agree. People so misunderstand Willow in this. She was being repressed in her "giles" and she finally showed her face.
I really think the most tender thing Giles ever said to Buffy was, "You cut your hair."
Funny thing was, coming waaay late to the Buffy party (I started with Firefly... on DVD), there were spoilers here and there about almost everything. When I got to *that* scene, I pretty much did the same thing, because I hadn't known it was coming. Hush, Joyce's death, Tara's death, OMWF... all those landmarks were viewable in the far distance just being *around* the fandom. Giles' return was the only thing I really experienced as a surprise, and I think it made it that much more satisfying.
They are correct. It's badass.

And yes, my reaction was much the same, k8cre8: "Yay! He'll fix everything!" I have long felt that Giles left too precipitously in S6; he should have backed off, maybe gone to LA, so he could be available to Buffy & the Scoobies, but not there all the time. But then we would not have had all the pain of S6. The delicious, delicious pain.
Whether it's using a chainsaw to cut a door, or blowing the hinges off an actual door, the man does know how to make an entrance.

And the anger, disappointment and sadness was clear on his face. I got total shivers.

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