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July 09 2014

(SPOILER) A review of James Marsters' 'Spike: Into The Light' graphic novel. "The man himself joins the Buffy comics to write his own. And it's good."

The graphic novel is out in comic book shops next week.

Nice to see a positive review of this, wasn't sure how it was going to be.
This definitely makes me want to read this now. I'm excited.
I find the crowbarring into S7 really off putting and distracting. It is so unnecessary too which makes how ill considered it is frustrating.

SA said it was later when he had got it together so the reviewer's assumption of somewhere between eps 2-8 doesn't work. He is mad and living in the basement until he leaves to live with Xander in Him, ep6. The trigger is then a whole thing by the next episode. He gets abducted too and the chip goes faulty. His whereabouts through all that is pretty set and we are up to ep17 before the trigger is deactivated. Plus he has his coat back by then too, retrieved in ep15, and that is in the previews so it should be after Get It Done anyway.

At first I thought a brief break after LMPTM could make sense, him wanting to take a time out, and SA had said that it took place over little more than 24hrs. But in the previews Spike says to the girl he went there for a 'fresh start' and here the reviewer is talking about him going out at nights so it seems it is really set in a period where Spike is trying to go it alone fully. A day away in reaction to what happened with Wood seemed OK but Spike leaving like that doesn't fit the season. Buffy and Spike relying on each other's support is a key aspect of both their arcs across the season and Buffy even specifically asks Spike to stay only a couple of episodes earlier. Plus, after LMPTM, the fight with the First and training the potentials that he was involved with kicks in, and he went on that mission with Andrew, so any time over a day or two just wouldn't work I don't think.

The text seems to contradict what they said so it clearly wasn't written for S7 and JM has been talking about it for years as Spike going it alone souled. It is just unnecessary to have tried to force it. When he is actually going it alone briefly in AtS after Harm's Way would fit better and make more sense post Buffy. Although there is still the moving elsewhere problem. Just an undetermined time post AtS would be preferable to something that clearly doesn't fit in.

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