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July 10 2014

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. gets nominated for an Emmy. The show got nominated in the Special and Visual Effects category.

Firefly won this Emmy back in 2003.

On a Buffyverse note, Seth Green has also been nominated for his voice acting work.
Chiwetel Ejifor, Sarah Paulson, Mark Ruffalo and Christina Hendricks are who I caught for acting.
Also (Julian) Bear McCreary has a nom for the Opening Theme for Black Sails, and Brian Tyler, who will be scoring Age of Ultron is also nominated in this category for Sleepy Hollow.

While Alan Silvestri has multiple nominations for his score work on COSMOS.

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Once again, Tatiana Maslany wasn't nominated, making the whole event invalid.
I'm glad it was nominated but in a category with Game of Thrones and Cosmos, I'm not holding my breath. Would be cool though.
I agree with Boto, ...and frankly, I think The Walking Dead should have won this category (despite not being nominated).
Zoic was nominated for their work on The 100. But the Tatiana snub is unforgivable.
Mark Ruffalo was nominated for The Normal Heart, and he has a decent chance of winning, especially since McConaghey and Harrelson are in a different category.

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I'm glad to see AoS get a nod. But the lack of recognition for Maslany is such a glaring blind spot. Now I'm just reminded of how the Emmys ignored Buffy almost all the time, so I'm finding it hard to get excited about any Emmy nominations right now.
No Tatiana, no Orphan Black? Wrong.
Agreed on Tatiana Maslany. I don't always enjoy Orphan Black as much as some folks do but her work on the show is always outstanding. There's no way she shouldn't at least have a nomination..
I've heard/read that Orphan Black is not eligible for the Emmys because there is essentially no American participation in its production. Is this how the Emmy rules work?
I stopped caring about the Emmy after The Body didn't even get a nomination.
Tatiana should have been nominated for both best lead and best supporting actress :)

I really hope this is because of some rule like MissKittysMom said, otherwise... weird...
MissKittysMom, that is incorrect. Trust me, it was on the ballot. I voted for it.
I just looked it up on Wikipedia, and these are the "Primetime" Emmys, which are by definition for American television productions. There are international Emmys, with award ceremonies in November, which (guessing) means nominations around September? Orphan Black should be eligible for the international Emmys.
That rule can't possibly be true, MissKittysMom. Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are nominated for acting awards for Sherlock, as is one of the episodes (as a movie). Luther is nominated for Best Miniseries. Unless the stipulations are "UK productions are included, but Canadian shows are not," it doesn't seem Tatiana Maslany was left off the list for a legitimate reason.

As for the Emmys, they have zero credibility, especially after accidentally leaving "Once More With Feeling" off the ballot.
Orphan black is not an international show. BBC America is a US network. And the production company doesn't even matter. See Downton Abbey, Luther, Sherlock etc.

Orphan Black and Tatiana Maslany were both on the ballots.

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Orphan Black hurts itself by (afaik) not being available on sites like Hulu. Further since it star haa no name recognition like Benedict Cumberbatch to help her get noticed she is more easily overlooked.
And, ultimately, it just doesn't have the cultural buzz that Sherlock did. Being on PBS really helps with that. There's been something of a critical groundswell around OB, but not anything that has really translated to cultural cache.

Ah well. Hardly the first show that deserved an Emmy for something, and didn't get nominated.
The fact that "The Good Wife" isn't nominated in best drama is just ridiculous.
Orphan Black was available to all Emmy voters, JDL. It wasn't hurt by not being on Hulu. It was hurt by being genre. It's in the sci-fi ghetto that Alan Tudyk was talking about in his recent interview.

[ edited by IrrationaliTV on 2014-07-11 01:54 ]
I was hoping Parks and Rec would be nominated for best comedy series. Nope. Sad.
IrrationaliTV I was thinking of buzz more than access. Because it is genre it needs that buzz to get voters interested enough to at least look at it. Given the number of shows in the initial round I can't see how voters can look at them all.
Parks and Rec did have a mostly really great season this year. especially that finale. I don't watch enough tv to know how the nominees compare to one another, but Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones both are certainly deserving of praise. Peter Dinklage in particular had some really fantastic scenes as Tyrion this year that I think would be worthy of an award of some kind.
The Good Wife was really weak last season so I'm not surprised it wasn't nominated.

Breaking Bad will be hard to beat this year, it being their last and everything, but I hope True Detective gets all the awards.

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