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July 10 2014

(SPOILER) Buffy Season 10 #5 preview. This'll be out on the 23rd.

I'm seriously loving Christos and Rebekah on this book. They do such quality work.
Has it ever been addressed on-panel why Giles is so much more magically proficient than he used to be? I know he always had a slight aptitude for magic, but he never conjured up force fields back in Sunnydale.

On a separate note, Isaacs' art and the writing this year have me full of confidence for the shape of Season Ten.
I assume it's because he now has the imagination of a child. I am totally making that up, of course.
Preview looks good.
Just have to say I am very much enjoying this particular run.
I think the adult Giles we knew in seasons 1-8 had become very wary of his own magic because of his experiences in his Ripper days, especially the situation with Eyghon. Now that he gets a do-over on his youth and Eyghon is no longer a threat, he feels comfortable opening up his magical abilities more.

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I get that the second cover is the characters joining hands and doing a spell, but it kinda looks like Buffy having confusing naughty thoughts about willow and Giles being shocked by it.

This looks like another killer issue in this already amazing season.
Yeah, that is a pretty subtexty cover.

We do know that Willow was very interested in hearing from Satsu what Buffy was like in bed.

And Buffy did wake up naked in bed in the first issue of season 9 and immediately assumed she'd had drunken sex with Willow.


(In reality, however, I think "Buffy experiments with another woman" is something Joss considers already checked off the list.)

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