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July 12 2014

Sex, Women and TV: 21 shows that changed the way we see female desire. Buffy the Vampire Slayer features in this Time article that looks at " 50 years of female sexuality on the small screen".

Interesting trip down memory lane. Sadly, it chronicles the history of women in television by indicating how few shows were led by women until recent years. However, it's also a shame that there wasn't better proofreading of the text. While I certainly thought at the time that Dan Quayle was . . . well, I won't say what I thought, but he certainly did not accuse Murphy Brown of "mocking the importance of fathers by beating a child alone and calling it just another lifestyle choice."
My very first (and very strong) reaction to the list was what an egregious omission it was to not cite Designing Women. Then I second guessed myself since the thrust of the article was about female desire. Then I waited. Then I made a cup of tea. Then I came back to the site and thought that the fact that the show didn't center around desire or even relationships was in itself quite a statement on women and the topic. And since what it did center on was so often handled so eloquently, I came back to wanting to comment.

I dunno. I never said that I was eloquent...

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Well to be fair, Murphy Brown herself really is only in there as a footnote to the Dan Quayle incident. That's really the omission of what might have been the most progressive bloc of programming before Rosanne hit television. Murphy was such a complicated, flawed, and strong character. Reducing her to that one choice is grossly simplifying the show. The list really doesn't do late 80's early 90's CBS any justice.
Sex, Women, and TV. Heck, Simon, you had me right there, why'd you stop!?
palehorse, I too was appalled by that terrible typo. There were also some words missing, which seems to be more and more typical. I sort of understand what's going on in the world of journalism, but that doesn't mean it's OK with me. Writers are just getting more and more careless. I just read a long article about renovating buildings, and the author was using all this high-flown language, but couldn't get his punctuation right, so I had to keep re-reading sentences to make sense of them. Gr Argh! (OK, done ranting now.)

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