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July 12 2014

Joss Whedon makes more 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer'. Joss grants a fans wish to make more Buffy via Twitter.Update: Now with new bonus Firefly.

I just saw this pic on twitter. It made my day.
Dark Horse is crazy if they don't make this a variant cover...
How is it July 12 and it's dated July 5? We must be so distracted by things....
Truly we are living in a golden age.
I don't read Joss' twitter every day hann23 so I just happened to see it while scrolling through his time line. Maybe the author of the article did the same. Weird coincidence that we didn't notice it before hand.

Anyone noticed how Joss has been playing around with filters on images lately?
Can I make this a t-shirt? I want a t-shirt? But I want to pay Joss for it.? Joss? Joss? Donate to equity now?

THis would be for my person use only but I don't want to steal. I just LOVE IT SO MUCH.

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I liked the fact he opinioned on Buffy's dress and the stake was a metaphor. The man never forgets!
Holy crap, that's my post about Joss's post. Man, this is sweet!
It's Joss, so that doodle is 100% canon.

Oh, and I also want a t-shirt of it.
Absolutely priceless. And yes, it should be a tee shirt. I'd so buy it.
Should we name it? The 'Used Napkin" episode?
Oh, happiness. Kind of reminds me of Giles's projections in 'Hush'.
Film, television, comic books, and now . . . , napkins.
The man dominates every medium he touches.
I see a seven figure Kleenex deal coming for 2015.

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I see a seven figure Kleenex deal coming for 2015.

Buffy. She gave you chills. We did the clean up.

Buffy. Her issues have tissues.

Kleenex. Keep your snot monsters in inner space.
Add me to the list that wants that on a t-shirt!! Now, please!!!
So, are we starting a shipp battle for naming the staked vamp?
That was great, Jelly.

My favs were: Willow drawn in pencil and Squared Riley.
Can that doodle be donated to Can't Stop The Serenity or similar to be auctioned?

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