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July 14 2014

Disney announces Alan Tudyk as part of "Big Hero 6" voice cast. He is the voice of the character Alistair Krei on this adaptation of a Marvel comic book series set to premiere in the US on November 7th.

This is Alan's 3rd consecutive voice-work for Disney, following his previous roles as King Candy on Wreck-It-Ralph and Duke of Weselton on Frozen.

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Hat trick O_o. Isn't this rather unusual for Disney? Lea Salonga's the only repeat voice I know of with new Disney (Little Mermaid on). Unless you count Pixar obviously.
Now I want to see this.
Disney must think highly of his voice work. Now Alan (through Disney) and Nathan (through ABC)
need to pitch the idea of an Animated Firefly Series or film. :D
-One can always hope!

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