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July 14 2014

Forever young: 8 grown-ass actors who can only play teens. Oz and Kendra both make the list.

The article also mentions Zackary Ty Bryant who was in the season 7 episode 'Help. I think its funny the article mentions the guest stars who were on Buffy but neglects to mention that Seth Green also played a teenager on Buffy.
How did Allison Hannigan not make the list?
Cap, I think Alyson isn't on the list because she made the transition into an adult role very successfully - after all, she just completed 9 years on HIMYM, playing a school teacher who is married and has a baby. This list is really about those who can't make the transition. So I'm glad she isn't on it!
Bianca is on The Witches of East End now. Seems like she finally has a grown-up role.
But just 2 years ago she was a highscooler in Pretty Little Liars.
The only times I've seen Seth in the past few years, HIMYM and Men At Work have been totally adult characters. (I still think he'd make a good Radar in a a MASH miniseries.)

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