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July 15 2014

Agents of SHIELD Season 2 premiere airdate announced. The first episode of Season 2 will be broadcast on September 23rd at 9pm.

Tuesdays this year are going to be a comic book geekgasm for me with The Flash on at 8pm and then Agents of SHIELD at 9pm.
Has production on season two started yet?
Almost three months away. Can't wait. COULSON!
manbearpig, the writers' room has started up. Don't think they are are actually shooting yet. Actors will probably be back right after SDCC.
doubt post *glares at internet goblins *

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I'm concerned about the first show going up against hour two of The Voice premiere. If they are going to do it this way their
numbers are going to suffer a bit. On the plus side this allows them to finish the 10 episode run Dec 2 instead of Dec 9.

One other plus is that the new show at 10 which is sci-fi may benefit more from a SHIELD lead in than the comedies ABC had
following the show last year. Shows with coat-tails are more valuable ime and I would like to see SHIELD get some of that cred.
Fingers crossed for a decentish set of UK airdates. First season was pretty satisfactorily screened, but proper simulcasts -- or at least delayed same-day -- would be delightful.
They start shooting next week. Writers have been there (on S2) for two months now.

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