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July 16 2014

(SPOILER) Cover art and info for October's Buffyverse comic books. Bleeding Cool has the goods on the Buffy Season 10 Halloween issue (aka the 'Starting Point' for newcomers), Angel & Faith #7 and the first Angel & Faith Season 10 TPB.

I really love that main Buffy cover but it sounding like the gang really needs to put the Vampyr book under lock and key.
Love the Buffy cover. Wonder why there are two covers for listing for Angel & Faith TPB.

With this already out, and the listings for the Library unveiled via Amazon, really curious what they might announce next week on SDCC.
Angel and Amy don't look particularly enemies-like on that A&F cover. And is that Willow in the inset?
I'm pretty sure that is Willow. The cover of Buffy and Harmony fighting reminded me of Hell's Bells. It's not the same as the bridesmaid dresses, but it looks pretty similar.
Amy is holding a jar full of red stuff that seems to be labelled "Warren." Is she going to try to resurrect him?

I hope not. I want to see her move on to bigger and better things, or bigger and worse things. (Either one would work for me.)
Didn't realise Richard Corben was the artist for the Buffy issue. Can't wait to see what he produces.

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