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July 16 2014

Joss Whedon weighs in on the big Thor news from Marvel. Joss comments on Twitter: A female Thor? What the hell makes them think THAT would be cool? Picture of Starbuck.

I just want to say that I think Christine Hemsworth is
demonstrating an amazing level of commitment to this project.
Ha :D

The most amusing thing is how so many 'commentators' are taking his fairly obvious (?) dig towards Alonso et al of Starbuck being Marvel's inspiration, and now boldly proclaiming it to be a solid clue to MS' future film casting.

It'd be nice, but I don't even think KS fancies being that typecast.

(IIRC, Hemsworth still has three films left on his timecard?...)

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Marvel Comics does not equal Marvel Cinematic Universe. Also, Katee for Captain Marvel.
Emily Blunt or Jessica Chastain for Captain Marvel!

But I would be really happy with a Captain Marvel movie to be announced at SDCC.

Synergist, I think some people are making that association because of the rumor (though I think it's all but confirmed at this point) that the new run of Captain America will have Sam Wilson as Captain America. Since Sam Wilson's already been introduced in the MCU and Chris Evans' contract is up soon, it's obvious why some people are wondering whether that is Marvel's backup plan.
Nerdist News speculates what this news means for the MCU.
As a woman and a feminist, I just have to say, this feels WEIRD and contrived. I grew up reading mythology, including Norse mythology. So ... why can't they just up the status of pre-existing female characters, or invent a new one, who can be all super-power-y-goddess-like, and wow us with her?
If I Recall correctly, in Norse Mytology, Loki is the one who Transvesty himself. Even becaming pregnant, as a femeale horse and giving birtth to a 6 feet equine.
Jocelyn, there's an interview with the writer on Comic Book Resources about why he's doing this. He says that there have actually been other times when someone else got the power of Thor, so he really wanted to tell that kind of story. It's never been a woman before, so he thought that would be interesting.

The actual Thor Odinson will still be in the book. So part of the story will be why he became unworthy of the power and how he deals with the new Thor.

I do find it a little odd that they're calling her 'Thor' instead of giving her a new name, but other than that, it seems to make sense and be consistent with what they've done before. I think the final result will be the same as it was for Beta Ray Bill, Thunderstrike, and Clor. At the end of the story the Regular Thor will be restored, and this new character will get her own name.
I liken this whole thing to a backdoor pilot. Launching a new character out of a very popular existing character. I wish them all the luck. I know I'll be adding this title to my purchases in October.
Not to be cynical, but this strikes me as more "event programming" than any feminist statement or particularly enlightened move. The comics business, like the movies, has become blockbuster driven - hence we have Peter Parker dying, Captain America dying, the Human Torch dying, all announced in breathless press releases in advance (if only to reappear 6-12 issues later, tied to new press releases). Large scale multi issue stories - with lots of ancillary ties ins - are the norm now. Hell, I read that good 'ol Archie Andrews is slated to be killed off soon. The art and writing in comics is better than ever, but I often get the feeling decisions are made for maximum coverage and not organically driven by character or plot
Strewth, IrrationaliTV. She's perfect for it. And I say this without any irony or sarcasm: I want to see Katee as a badass fighter, fearless ace pilot and uniformed space-faring inheritor of godlike powers and a male predecessor's mantle. ...Again. ...Without rewatching BSG, that is.

As for Thor(a), with the enchantment on Mjolnir restored and the real Thor no longer worthy, there's no reason why the powers and abilities of Thor couldn't pass to a woman. In fact, if the woman in question looks entirely unlike a Scandinavian goddess when she's not "hammered", it would be even more awesome. Maybe Aunt May could be under that helmet. Or Jubilee. Or Skye. Or Squirrel Girl. (...No, that would be a step down for her.) And what if the woman who becomes Thor is not just temporarily worthy, but like Beta Ray Bill, is actually far more worthy and better at being Thor than the original was before he messed up?

Or Thor could be the new Captain Universe, investing into anyone who can rise to the challenge of worthiness in the appropriate hour of need. In fact, Mjolnir could be made (Omni-)sentient by Odin, and like the TARDIS, make the decisions of where and whom to visit based on some secret foreknowledge of destiny.
Another reason I'm glad I gave up on the "underwear characters" in the late 80s

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