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July 16 2014

Entertainment Weekly's exclusive first look at 'Avengers: Age of Ultron'. "If you're part of a group that has already saved the world nine times, eventually you can't help but wonder: Isn't it somebody else's turn?" And there's pics too!

I guess that officially kicks off the publicity for the movie. I like the cover, it's better than the bobble head one. Also I can't wait for next year.
I think it's the first time their Comic-Con special issue, that doesn't feature a Warner Bros (EW's owner) property on the cover.
Excited for this.
I think there's a Styx reference on that cover? "Domo arigato"?
Nice! Not that I mind, but for those who wish to stay pure you might want to spoiler tag this. That is the first specific description from Joss of Ultron's origin that I've seen.
Anyone else see the stills they released? Sweet Jesus.
Very cool cover.


Yes,I've seen the stills too.They look great.

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Yes. Exciting pics! I added the link.
In the still of all the costumes hung looks like Hulk's costume is still just pants. You'd think Tony take on the challenge of giving him a super stretchy shirt.
This is kind of exciting!
It's slightly interesting to me that Nick Fury's garb is hung up with the rest of the Avengers' suits. I never thought of him as an Avenger, exactly. Perhaps his supposedly minor role in this movie will change that a bit, now that he's no longer burdened with his responsibility for SHIELD.
Totally missed seeing Don Cheadle until I took a second look at those set photos.
Scarlet Witch does some really funky stuff with her fingers, even when she's just standing around.

Science Bros! beaker bump

Uniforms look different from the first movie. Makes sense - those were a bit...well-worn by the end. Love that they had to label the outfits, like we would get Iron Man mixed up with Thor.

On a related note, I just found an old issue of "Deathlok the Demolisher" in w/a bunch of old MAD magazines that my mother has. It's the original 1974 issue; it's in rather rough shape (Hey, it's 40 years old! And it survived 7 kids, some of whom would sit on the bottom of the lake to read their comics) but I might give it a read.
Numfar, I doubt the "Age of Ultron" is the first Comic-Con EW cover that's not a WB-owned property. I think "Twilight" had one a few years back.

Back to the story, I do like the pics. I hope Joss is shooting this in 2.35:1 instead of the traditional 1.85:1 flat ratio he used for the first pic.
@mcjw_serenity It is also notable because Warner Bros. also own DC, Marvel's direct competitor.
Don Cheadle is in The Avengers that makes me so happy.
@Mcjw_serenity they had a lot of Twilight covers, but never as the cover for the Comic-Con Special issue they started doing in 2008 - they're specifically billed as the Comic-Con Special or ComiC-Con Preview.

However, you are correct, not the 1st non-WB related cover. But all the non-WB related seems to be dedicated to Marvel in some way.

2008: Watchmen - WB / DC Comics
2009: Iron Man 2 - Marvel
2010: Green Lantern - WB / DC Comics
2011: The Amazing Spider Man - Sony / Marvel
2012: The Hobbit - WB / MGM
2013: The Amazing Spider Man 2 - Sony / Marvel

Interesting, that was only a mistaken impression, almost half split.
The new Cap suit looks AMAZING. I love these new pics. The band is back together again :D

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