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July 16 2014

Out this week - 'Spike: Into The Light' graphic novel. It's penned by James Marsters and drawn by Derlis Santacruz. Bloody Disgusting said it's "a fan-must-have for your Buffy comics collection".

Nice to see this is consistently getting good reviews as a stand alone but reviewers are still misplacing it. Scott Allie said it was later on in S7 after he got it together and as he has his coat it should be after Get It Done, before you even consider the trigger/abduction/not ready for him to not be here stuff. Will be interesting to see if it does fit the 'little over 24 hrs' SA said even though Spike talks about going for a 'fresh start' in the preview pages. Not seeing it going well into S7 at all but as it is a stand alone it doesn't matter greatly, which is probably why it seems to have not been thought through too carefully. We'll see, probably just better to ignore the dubious placing. Shame it isn't out digitally though.

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The last reviewer has said that it says in the book "This story takes place near the beginning of Season 7 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer". So we have to see the wearing of the coat as a blip then. Spike is mad in the basement until ep6 when he goes to live with Xander and the trigger becomes a plot point in the next episode so I can't see how it figures in. I'll be interested to see the time it spans, but as Spike talks in the preview of going for a 'fresh start' I really do feel they are just dropping it in a 'wherever' way. Better not to try to fit it in properly I think.

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