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July 16 2014

Titan Merchandise announces Buffy the Vampire Slayer line of vinyl collectibles. This is part of their “Welcome to the Hellmouth” collection with 20th Century Fox set to arrive in December of 2014.

The figures will be 3" vinyl figurines in blind-box format, with character-specific accessories and 4 hidden chase figures to seek out with “one random figure supplied” for the collection. The collection includes from Buffy, Angel, and Giles, to Drusilla, Oz, Xander, Willow, Vamp-Buffy, Faith, Mayor Wilkins and the Master.

(Update to correct a huge typo that was in the description - heir instead of their, so took the chance to add the word figurine, in the extended description, it was really reading weird before)

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I love how much Buffy merch is coming out. I wish they'd bring back the minifig lines. I want PALz for S3-on.
Weird that vampire Buffy is relevant enough to get one of these whatever-they-are. A brief thing in one episode of season 1 and still apparently more notable than several regular and recurring characters. Tara? Cordelia? Anya? Riley? Dawn? (Okay, Riley and Dawn were maybe not super popular, but still.) Hell, Joyce, Jenny, Harmony, Jonathan, Andrew, Snyder, Clem, Amy, Larry, Quentin Travers, Darla, Caleb, Glory, Kendra, Anne, Ethan, Robin Wood, Kennedy, Willy the Snitch and even the Cheese Man and the Primitive should probably make the list before vampire Buffy, given their impact. But I guess I'm probably just not thinking like a collector. Maybe vampire Buffy has some special status, being a variant on the main character...
I think the concept art looks really bad and will probably be passing on these, it is nice they don't skip any of the core four in order to have two spikes.
3″ vinyls in blind-box format

I don't even know what that means. I come from the era when vinyl meant music.
I *think* the randomness of the characters and "blind-box format" means you get three at a time, in a box, without knowing who you're getting. So in theory you keep buying until you get the characters you want. It's a big thing in Japan, and from these, and how individual LEGO minifigs are now being sold, it seems to be catching on over here too.
Yeah, I've seen the blind boxes a lot lately. Generally you just get one figure - don't imagine you'd get three with these.

@GreatMuppityOdin: I think they're only focusing on the first few seasons for now, hence the exclusion of some of those characters. Though Cordelia is a weird omission.
Probably the first in w hat they hope is a continuing line of releases.

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