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July 17 2014

New QMx Buffy Maquette announced. A new Buffy the Vampire Slayer 1:10 scale polystone Buffy statue just announced to release in Q4 by QMx. Pricing TBD. Seems new BtVS merch is popping up all over.

She looks...ape-like in that pose. Yuck. And the face? Nope.

Sigh. Some people might like these cutesie figures that've been coming out, but they're not my cuppa. I want my action figures to look like the characters/actors, sorry.
I have not been thrilled over the pics for the new figures lately either. I want more of the tooned-up figures that Electric Tiki did year back. Those rocked!
Maybe it's a special Beer Bad figure. Ahem.
I would have just bought the gravestone.
I don't like it at all. Its the face, its just awful looking. I wish they'd just bring out some merchandise that looks Sarah again.
Very peculiar - especially when you consider how good the next Malcolm Reynolds figure is.

QMX preview 1/6 scale Malcolm Reynolds figure
Wow, that face is hideous and Buffy would not be caught dead wearing Chucks.

I do want the tombstone though. That is kind of awesome.
Not a good resemblance, but the River Tam seems shine.
Wow, I was hoping it would be badass but its just... ass bad.
Buffy's been Gollum-ed apparently ...
I am not surprised when I read these responses. I don't want to be mean as I'm sure someone worked hard on this but my first thought was that she looks creepy. I agree with the Gollum-ed comment above.
Also check out their new plush Mr. Pointy
A plush Mr. Pointy - talk about defeating the purpose.

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