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July 18 2014

(SPOILER) Nathan Fillion's cameo role on 'Guardians of the Galaxy' confirmed via credited cast list? Walt Disney and Marvel has provided Stitch Kingdom website with the list, which seems to confirm his role, among other cameos. The article contains mild spoilers for the movie. On a related note, Nathan has also been confirmed to be returning as the voice of Green Lantern on DC Animation upcoming release, 'Justice League: Throne of Atlantis'.

Brief comment on the source, Stitch Kingdom does get a lot of official preview content from Disney ahead of time, so it's unlikely to be Latino Review situation of "we've learned from a random, allegedly trustful source".

News about Nathan's role is a little anticlimactic, however the conjecture around a certain feathered fellow is .... mindblowing
I saw someone comment that this could either be a simple fun cameo like Gunn said or it's a case of "Thanos/Man #1" like in The Avengers credits. Either way, either way. It's all pretty amusing.

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Or... maybe it's going to be as Captain Mal. Just saying...
Huh, do they always just say "[character] will return" or I thought that normally they share the next film? It's nice to see they're not hedging their bets with this more than usually untested property.
I read a tweet from a reputable critic that Marvel had started to show the end tag for the past few press screenings but didn't show it for this one so it's either that Marvel doesn't have one (unlikely) or that it's a big reveal and Marvel wants it kept quiet. I wonder if, since it's so close to Comic-Con, it'll be related to the Dr. Strange movie they are rumored to be announcing.

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