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July 19 2014

Geek King of The Universe - SFX review the Whedon biography. "Packed with trivia, filled with wit and endlessly readable, this is the biography Jossís career deserves. We can't recommend it enough."

Whedonesque gets a few mentions in it.
It does? I take it permissions were requested?

Oh I'll be buying.
Have you read it, Simon?
..'the section on Firefly will almost make you cry.."
It makes me cry all the time.
Gotta get the book!
I'm gonna have to buy this.
Not on Amazon? Anyone know where to buy it?
Thanks for tidying up the entry Simon, I posted from my iPad and was having problems cutting and pasting stuff at the time.
No problem.

Brett, the book is just called Joss Whedon: The Biography in the US. Here's the Amazon link.
'preciated, Simon.
I found more articles about the book...

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