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"Yep... That went well."
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July 19 2014

Undeniable proof that Spike And Angel were meant to be. Just two neck-sucking dudes in leather pretending to like the same girl.

The "Spangel" argument, made with some rather nice gifs.

To me, it's the same situation as the Buffy/Faith pairing. Spike and Angel are foils for eachother. There's some sexual tension, but ultimately they can't co-exist together. It's a universal balance thing.
I never get people saying there is sexual tension between Spike and Angel. There is jealousy and competitiveness but Spike deeply resents Dru's interest in Angel and Angel belittles him/mocks him to amuse himself. Spike makes it clear in Destiny he wasn't expecting the open relationship Angel/Dru are making it and his resentment and desire to get rid of Angel in S2 makes it quite clear where his interest lies, entirely with Dru. The reference to that 'one time' makes it seem clear it wasn't something they chose to repeat and it is just seized upon and overplayed in fandom and played up by the comic writers since I think. I find the article funny, it made me smile, but I'm never sure whether people are really serious when they present an argument for Spangel from canon. The manipulation of that moment when they are going to the deeper well and use the wire at the end is a great illustration of how this argument has to be presented, by looking for it and twisting what was really happening to try and fit.
"I never get people saying there is sexual tension between Spike and Angel."

They're geographically adjacent men.
Spike and Angel are a forever love :p
I miss my Spangel. My OTP (unless I'm the mood for Spuffy or Spander lol). But vamps live forever. So yeah. Tots dig them together. They make such angsty stories.
I love Spangel.
There are many references in the writing and the way David and James acted it. I'll ship it to the end.
That's so cute!
Must give it to Andrew, that was well done!

IMHO, I think it was quite clear Buffy wasn't ready for either because, hey, cookie dough.
I've just started watching "Hawaii Five-0" from the beginning, and James Marsters has a nice juicy role as a serious bad guy. In fact he's the only character in 3 seasons that has actually managed to beat the hero, Steve McGarrett, in hand-to-hand combat (of course the plot did require it). Since the actor who plays McGarrett also played a vampire, he was Mick St. John in the to short-lived series "Moonlight", I keep imagining the two of them trash-talking each other's vampires when they weren't rehearsing or acting.

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