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July 20 2014

Summer Glau wins Best Actress at Spain's Festival de Cine de L'Alfas del Pi. It is for her performance in the short film Inside the Box.

The article is in Spanish, but high school Spanish (plus a little Google Translate) renders the relevant portion:
From the cast of 'Inside the Box' also came best actress, Summer Glau. The jury considered her performance to be the most outstanding that they have seen of the 25 short films entered into this year's festival...

The winners aren't listed on the festival's main site yet.

Good for Summer. Also Inside the Box is the first time we saw her on Firefly (it's all connected).
Just to add, Summer won in the short movies category.

Has anyone saw this or know where to watch it?
As someone who contributed to the Kickstarter or Indiegogo (have honestly forgotten which service was used since it was months ago) funding drive to help get the film finished, I received both private Vimeo access to an online posting of Inside the Box and the hard copy on DVD just arrived last week.

How it can be viewed now? It's supposed to be available on VOD and on commercial release DVD, but I can't seem to find any sign of such via Google about its availability other than links to the Summer Glau Wiki pages about the film's existence. Could be that a distribution deal hasn't been finalized or the distributor hasn't chosen to make it available yet. Unless someone like myself makes copies of either the private VOD file or the DVD that were for contributors...
Thank you, BlueEyedBrigadier.
So, whats your review and rating of it, if I'm not bothering too much.

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