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"I don't have to watch you Miss Frost. I can smell you."
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July 20 2014

Five "deleted scenes" from "Joss Whedon: The Biography" by Amy Pascale. Amy has very kindly provided Whedonesque with five deleted scenes from her soon to be released biography of Joss Whedon. Her book is out in the UK on the 24th (Amazon UK link) and will be out in the US on August 1st ( link). An eBook version of the book is available at the publisher's site.

Bummed that there's no ebook version, almost forgot how annoying shipping times can be. On the better side, excited for this.
Out-nerding Joss - that is wonderful and gorgeous and hilarious!
Cool. I think #2 is pretty common knowledge but I didn't know the rest of it.
# 1 - Damm you Joss and Captain Picard, for not understanding the amazingness of the black beverage!
# 4 - It probably was mentionated a couple of times in the podcast The Nerdist, by Joss former neighbour.
Omigosh, I love this! Especially the out-nerding Joss and Oz kissage story.
Hi Numfar PTB! I don't know if it's region-blocked, but I believe you can get an ebook (non-kindle) version at the publisher's site.
Can't wait for this book. Have noted it here and there on these threads but we are introducing our daughter to Buffy and had about a 7 episode S7 marathon today. Just...yeah. Love this man. And yes, to the haters (OK that's harsh, to the mild dislikers), love S7 so much as well.
They were supposed to send me a copy to review. It never got here. 😐
Thanks for the link to the EPub version - bookmarked it for the 1st of August.

For those interested, you can convert EPub to Kindle's MOBI format for free using Calibre.
Nice. Thanks for the publisher's link @amypop.
The formats provided can be opened by some eReader apps if you use a tablet, without the need to convert them.
pre-ordered for my kindle on amazon. can not wait for Aug 1st!!
The printed version is out in the states through Amazon. I got mine last week!
Seems like that the kindle version is only available for Amazon UK
#1 I share this with Joss. Not the type of tea exactly but not drinking coffee.

#2 is the reason that given the choice I would have Willow back with Oz over Tara. I really liked Tara (esp. the hidden strength in her) but Joss MADE me fall in love with Oz.

#4 Not the computers and guitars! Soulless thieves.

#5 *snicker* It should be a saying "I can't do it! It's like out-nerding Joss."
Sugar in tea, heresy.
@vocalnick, @numfar -- Glad to be of service!

@nebula1400 -- drop me a line (email in profile), and let me know who you were talking to and i'll see what i can do to expedite!
Deleted scene six: In 2008, Joss made a secret sequel to Serenity using money from a jewel heist, but only one copy exists and Alan Tudyk is holding it for ransom.
"The Double" was a novella written by Dostyevsky not Gogol. I wonder if Joss saw the movie by Richard Ayoade which recently adapted the story. (Yes, I know that Joss studied Russian in high school).

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@Brasilian Chaos, yeah, Chris Hardwick, one of the hosts of The Nerdist podcast has mentioned several times on the podcast that he lived across the street from Joss. He said that he was happy Joss was his neighbor because they would shout Monty Python quotes back and forth from each others driveways, or something close to that effect.

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With #2, I actually remember a friend who ran a comic store commenting on that scene the next day. I think he said his reaction was something like, "Yes, Willow, this is the one."

For #5, my interpretation is that Joss thought, "Well, this is a bottomless pit that will swallow up my productivity for the rest of the day."
Thanks, Tausif, you deserves a good cup of sweet coffee for the help.
It's available for the Kindle. Oddly enough, the print version has been on sale from Amazon since late last week, although the ebook is still in pre-order status.

Stayed up late last night reading my review copy. Geez. I feel like an amateur stalker who stumbled onto a professional stalker's shrine.

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