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July 24 2014

Was Sarah Michelle Gellar really banned for life from McDonald's? Comic Book Resources examines this TV urban legend.

What's absurd was they named a 5-year-old in the lawsuit. Yet another reason to only ever go to McDonald's only to use their bathroom.
I don't think "named in the lawsuit" means that they actually expected a five year old to hand over any money. I think it's just a basic lawyer strategy of naming everyone involved in the case.
lol at the tagging, libradude.
I haven't eaten fast food in a long time. McDonald's even longer. The smell alone now makes me sick.

Gellar was named in the McDonald’s lawsuit, and had to testify about claims like “That’s why I eat at Burger King instead of McDonald’s.” It appeared as if McDonald’s was trying to win the case by harassment more than anything, as it was a stretch to brand a little girl’s statements as an actress in a commercial “misleading.”

Harassing a kid because of an ad and making her testify knowing it was just a script read by an actor is petty.
It's a meat process.
Well, what does that mean?
I had to watch the commercial just so I could hear little SMG say "Boiger King" again.
The ad doesn't mean anything unless they also compare the price.

I had lunch at McDonald's today. I was hungry.

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