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July 23 2014

SDCC exclusive concept art for Age of Ultron. has unveiled these two fantastic posters. Update: Four more posters can be found here and here.

I have no reservations saying that I expect this movie to be the bee's knees.
I guess the twins switched sides. Shouldn't this be spoilermarked or is that implied?
@Skytteflickan88, Ever since these characters were announced, they haven't really hid the fact that they're bound to join sides with the Avengers. Also, their long history in the comic books gives that away too, although I know a lot of us haven't read them. I'm guessing when the trailers come out, they won't be hiding it either.
I added a link to two more posters.
So, Thor to the left of Widow, Hulk to the right, and the blue streak behind her must be Quicksilver.
Where's Clint?!
Together they form a huge poster, like they did with those other promo posters for the first Avengers movie. Looks like we might get 2 or 4 more.
That's the next two posters added. Just two more to go.

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