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July 24 2014

Cult shows that would have survived in the streaming age. No prizes for guessing which Whedon show made the list in The Guardian.

Community is getting a 6th season? That's news.
Yeah, Community was saved by Yahoo about a month ago. A movie is in the works as well.
Wonderfalls should be on that list.

The sad thing about Star Trek the original, is that the 3rd season was so bad it deserved to have the plug pulled. I don't know what happened behind the scenes that wreaked such havoc on the creative content, but it just became painful to watch.
IIRC, many producers of Star Trek were leaving the ship (Gene Roddenbery included) especially due to budget cuts.
It's one thing to bankroll Community, but another to bankroll Firely. I heard it costs over 2M to make an episode, and I can't imagine any of the online options we have now could afford it.

Of course, it could be Firely Puppet Theater....
Veronica Mars.
I second the vote for Wonderfalls. It's a shame it only got one season.
There were a similar post at, where Terriers, Terminator, Pushing Daisies and Bunheads were remembered.
I also miss Wonderfalls and Studio 60.

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