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July 24 2014

Joss Whedon interviewed at the Guardians of the Galaxy London premiere. Video interview of Joss on the red carpet for the new Marvel release.

There's usually a video of Marvel's hall H panel up fairly quickly afterwards, right? Not including film footage, obviously, but, like, the rest of it? I've got a feeling this one's gonna be pretty special, and I'm gonna want to watch it as soon as possible, even if all of the most glorious announcements and things are spoiled all over the internet.
Classy, gracious and articulate, even when you can tell he's exhausted. Hope the poor guy gets some time off soon.
Squishy, that's quite mean for you to wish him time off.
The last time that happened, he was compelled to make a B&W movie in his own home.
Gosh, he's sounding quite British, isn't he?

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