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July 25 2014

First gameplay trailer for Firefly Online. As previously covered the cast return for the game.

It looks kinda cool but also a bit cheap. Could go both ways, but I'm gonna try it out when it comes out.
Yeah.. I mean, my take is it isn't a AAA studio game (meaning this isn't costing $100m to make), but if I adjust my expectations it looks like a lot of fun. Also, I like the fact they concentrate on female gamers and diversity in the trailer. Also the turn based combat looks old school, in a good way.
Are those actors or fans (guessing the last guy is both)?
I know it's not a huge production and I am digging the combat but my fears are bugs, poor optimization(even with the more modest graphics) and some clunky game mechanics.

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I actually got a little choked up. Just the simple idea of the game seems so pure. Also, that guy in the cunning hat. I don't care if that was his hat or the director gave it to him, somebody knew he should have it.

But the guy at the end was definitely an actor, Simon.
A few of the people in there are vloggers from Geek & Sundry, so I'd bet they and the others are fans.

I'm very excited about this game! It sounds like a fun way to explore the 'verse.
Yeah, it looks like the talking peeps are Geek and Sundry gaming vloggers.
I mean, if you think that most people will likely be playing this on their iPad or tablet, the graphics look pretty great. Should mean it's super scalable for any and all fans. It *sort of* looks like they're using some of the built-in Unity stuff, which is especially noticeable on the shadows, but honestly, it looks pretty fantastic for a strategy MMO thing. Sold.
I think they said on their website it's Unity engine, Jaymii. You are the shadow king.
Just having the original cast will make it worth a try. I am sorta hopeful about the gameplay. Hopefully they'll have enough money to keep tuning it for a while.
The voice at the start... I recognise the voice at the start!

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