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July 25 2014

Tom Hiddleston's email to Joss after reading the first Avengers script. Bonus! You get to read Joss' response.

Wow, that's quite an email. And he wasn't wrong, it was a great part which he performed exceptionally well.
Love them both! Such talented wonderful men. Gutted we won't be seeing them collaborating for some time (yes, I'm clinging to Joss writing A3 with Loki doing what he does best).
What a fantastic pairing. It's so cool to see how Joss' writing can be not only a treat for the audience, but for the actors who deliver it. He creates rich, fully realized characters. Even before he's finished realizing.
Okay, "his smile is nothing but a glimpse of his skull" - I feel like I would remember that. How could such an epic line not make it in?!
This is great. How characteristically Hiddles. Loving them both as I SO do, their virtual fistbump made my heart skip a beat.
I suspect it was an action line/stage direction, Kairos, rather than dialogue.
That's a pretty great stage direction, though.
Joss' scripts were always my favorite to read during the Buffy days. His stage directions are so good and surprisingly hilarious. Most scripts I read are pretty boring but never Joss'. I wish I could find The Avengers screen play online somewhere but I still haven't found it. Some people online claim to have read a Wonder Woman script that Joss wrote but I don't think WW ever got pass the treatment stage.
Eddy that's an interesting comment about the Buffy scripts. It would seem to me that scripts as you describe them would make the actor's job at the very least clearer in that they know what is wanted very early on in the process. Less wasted time that way. But it also sounds like it was more fun to boot and that's gotta be rare.
How absolutely lovely.
I do like the "suitcase of pain".
Now that's a suitcase of wit and joy.
Oops, double-posted.

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Just so freaking cool. I hope they get to work together again soon.

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