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July 25 2014

Recap of the Marvel Television Presents SDCC panel (featuring Agents of SHIELD). The big casting news is that Dollhouse's Reed Diamond will play the Agents of SHIELD Season 2 big bad.

Gonna wait for the vid. Wish Panels at SDCC would take a page from Zach Levi and the NerdMachine. I'm haunting their YouTube especially for the Nathan and Joss convos.

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Director of Agent Carter one-shot doing episode 1, directors of Winter Soldier for episodes 2 and 3, director of First Avenger wants to do episode 4.

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Reed Diamond!
I have to say Reed Diamond on general principles sounds good. Now off to read up on the Kraken.

There is a transcript over at Hitfix.Com if anyone's interested.

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Great news to hear.
A Big Bad or THE Big Bad?
Reed Diamond will be a great villain. Or not-actually-villain. I no longer trust his allegiances. But I do adore his work.
Excited for Reed Diamond, yet kinda disappointed he is not playing someone on the "heroic" side, for some reason I have a feeling he tend to get more antagonistic roles than someone from the protagonist side.

Anyway excited, the fact that Much Ado gave him a Shakespeare boner still something that I laugh every time I watch the DVD extras.

Although I was hoping that he'd be a good guy BUT STILL. FUCK YEAH
Again just wondering- did they specifically say Reed Diamond would be the main season villain or just a villain? If he's just a regular villain, then calling him 'THE Big Bad' is a little misleading.

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