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July 27 2014

Watch the Avengers: Age of Ultron panel at Comic-Con. Good quality video from Flicks And The City.

I wonder what Johnson and Evans were giggling about.
So for some stupid reason I got a bit teary as they were introduced. Anyone want to explain that? I'm assuming the edit was because that was the footage, which seems to have been very very cool based on descriptions. But even with the movie scenes taking up some time that was a really short panel...right? Intro, one question each, surprise guest, goodbye.
The first half was Ant-Man, I think.
I also understand it started 15 minutes late.
Oh, ok. Just seems the ratio of wait time to get into a hall for a panel vs how much time anyone gets to talk at the panel was really skewed for this one. Hope the footage was awesome enough that the wait was worth it!

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