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July 27 2014

Marvel launches S.H.I.E.L.D. monthly series by Mark Waid and Carlos Pacheco. The new monthly will introduce the characters from the show into the regular 616 Marvel universe alongside Coulson. There's an interview with Mark Waid about the new series at Comic Book Resources.

I love Mark Waid's run on Daredevil, so this is very exciting. Maybe Peggy Carter will get her own series too, and there can be comics and TV crossover.
I kind of wish we'd get MCU canon comics, just a few stand alone arcs timewise set in between episodes. But more comics at all is always awesome.

If anything, it might make comics fan give the show a chance(or a second one) if they like that version of the characters.

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I thought Marvel already had some comics that were MCU canon.
I meant *more* comics. :)

I think that if Marvel is looking to get into a new verse, I don't see why they couldn't go big and cooperate with Marvel studios and create a new verse based on MCU that is MCU canon. If the MCU characters used now only make cameos in other heroes lives, I'd think it'd work out without any continuity issues.

But I like my first idea better, focusing on the main characters.

I gots to know what happened in Budapest!
Some series, like Hawkeye, you can squint and almost believe they're in the MCU canon. It's not Avengers tower but Clint isn't running around in the purple spandex and trick arrows, either. He's closer in tone and characterization to the movie version.
Hawkguy I'd argue isn't really that much like the tone/character of the films in part since there still really hasn't been a distinct one there. He's certainly a more movie-friendly iteration than with the mask and tabard/kilt thing but they'd been kind of drifting that way even before the film.
I added a link to an interview about the series.

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