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July 27 2014

Watch Nerd HQ's 'A Conversation with Joss Whedon'. Joss couldn't appear in person at Nerd HQ today so he video chatted instead. Check out the mystery panel guests as well.

Joss appears around the 31:00 mark.

There were a lot of Whedon-y guests in conversation with Nerd HQ. It seems Nathan showed up twice, one with just himself and one with Alan tagging along. Though Alan had one himself. Very familiar faces at Nerd HQ, those two. Felicia Day was with Wil Wheaton. Adam Baldwin had two, one with comic book writer Nathan Edmonson and one with the rest of the cast of The Last Ship.
TenToParasal just did what I planned to do, bright minds must think alike. Let me just add to it. There's also Mark Sheppard with his Supernatural Castmates, there's Ming-Na Wen in a very emotional Women Kickass panel, Seth Green for his production company, and Much Ado's Conrade Riki Lindhome for Garfunkel & Oates and Nathan was also part of the Mystery Panel, which also includes Kal Penn who had a minor role in Buffy.
These people. Such a fun panel. And Seth, I'm reminded again why teen-me had a crush on him.

NERDHQ just get better every year. And it's for charity. Joss is a champ for doing this drug-free lol.
Sad I wasn't there, but this was really fun to watch!
Really cool that Joss was able to video chat with them.
So much charm on that stage.
Omg, the moment he appeared and started making them dance like puppets. That was the most Whedonesque moment I've ever seen.
Alan Tudyk: "Kill Sarah Michelle Gellar or something."
Joss: "... I did. Twice."

This whole thing is hysterical.
I hope he enjoys his break after Avengers 2 has been put to bed.
I watched it yesterday and it seemed a lot of fun. I'm glad the people that paid for Joss got so much when it turned out he couldn't make it, because 5 alum is pretty darn good.

I thought the blonde in the front row was going to have a heart attack when 4 of the 5 knelt down right in front of her! haha! I think that is the main difference between the main SDCC panels and NerdHQ, is that they are still small enough that the actors feel like they are a bit safer in order to play like that. (Seth's observation aside.)

Nathan is a great host. I have a feeling he just naturally takes over even when he isn't supposed to host. And I can't tell if that story he and Alan told was true or not. The one about them actually first meeting in NYC at a restaurant that Alan worked at. I thought it was just a joke, but then he went on about some actress that he dated and it felt true...

Hope Joss's knee heals up quick. Having hurt knees sucks. And that he finally gets some time to not have to think about anything. (Which I bet will drive him crazy after about... two weeks. We should start a pool.)
This was great fun!
The question about being intimidated by Joss was a great one. Alan talking about Joss making funny and Alan coming up with a good response then Joss replies with something that Alan just doesn't have a clue about. And Nathan immediately agreeing and coming up with an example. Loved it.
And then Joss appears and makes Nathan laugh so hard he cries.

NYPinTA, I very vaguely remember that story about how Nathan and Alan met, so it might be true.
I quite enjoyed this panel - for something ad hoc, I thought it went very smoothly... and how could any of them say no to Nathan? I think he glamours people.

So happy to hear that Joss is finally going to take a break and not have a project going for a while - although I'm not sure I believe he'll be able to do that.

I hope he gets to travel w/ Kai & the kids. #Italy
Great panel!
Is there a transcript of this?
Its pretty bad when ya gotta kneecap a fella in order to make him take a break. Still it might be a good thing in the long run. :)
Remember what happened last time he was going to have a proper break after wrapping filming?

Loved the puppet moment. Loved it all, really - especially Seth's selfies. Joss had the operation here in Britain? I hope that wasn't because it was a scary emergency.

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