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July 28 2014

Kevin Feige talks Avengers: Age of Ultron and more. He heavily implies a 2018 release date for The Avengers 3.

This also supports a MCU Phase Three film schedule that will look like this:

July 17, 2015: Ant-Man (confirmed)
May 6, 2016: Captain America 3 (confirmed)
July 8, 2016: Doctor Strange (confirmed, rumored date)
May 5, 2017: Ms. Marvel or Black Panther (unconfirmed)*
July 28, 2017: Guardians of the Galaxy 2 (confirmed)
November 3, 2017: Thor 3 (confirmed, rumored date)**
May 4, 2018: The Avengers 3 (confirmed, rumored date)

* These two projects have been hinted at being in development.
** This film could be in May 2017 instead, but Marvel/Disney may want it in November for money-making purposes.
A Brazilian site had speculated that there is already, an agreement between Marvel and sony to share production and release of the next Spider Man flick.
That seems very unlikely to me. Sony is trying to build its own cinematic universe that revolves around Spider-Man with upcoming films like Sinister Six and Venom. That universe will not be connected to Disney's Marvel Cinematic Universe or FOX's X-Men-centered Universe.
Kevin Feige seems like a very wise producer.
There is no benefit to Marvel to share production and distribution with Sony. It's just less risk for Sony and Marvel wouldn't be able to make all the creative decisions. Marvel shouldn't want to be associated with Sony's inability to build off the Spider-Man franchise and have its name and credibility associated with a franchise losing money.
"Everyone is locked up through Avengers 3." I wonder if the writer/director is included in that?
Joss's deal expires end of May next year.
I'll be very surprised if Joss doesn't stick around to direct Avengers 3. He pretty much set the whole Thanos storyline in motion that will culminate in Avengers 3.

That said, a small part of me really wants him to return to his own non-Marvel projects for a while instead (like Dr. Horrible 2).
I'm torn between Joss sticking with Marvel till the completion of A3 -- because I can't see anyone besides him managing the difficult balancing act of making a good Avengers movie -- and him going off to finally make his own original projects.

Mostly, I'm pulling for the latter. I miss Joss's original voice. And these gigantic superhero movies take up so much time + energy to make. (Wastelanders finaaaaaaally pls!)
I think it's a toss up what Joss does at this point. He does love these characters, and seems to enjoy his relationship with Marvel. I think his overriding position of the MCU let's him interact with lots of writers and directors he seems to like, so he seems to find the process fulfilling. There's also the on-going SHIELD series he has ties to ...

That said - the man could use a vacation. I'm sure Marvel wants to keep him around, perhaps any new deal would provide a little more breathing room for side projects and perhaps dial back the directing duties

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