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July 29 2014

Jada Pinkett Smith discusses her Buffy obsession. She's one of us.

this is not surprising. Way back when there was a story in which Will Smith mentioned that his family watched Buffy together.
Yes I remember that. That was very cool at the time.
So there is from eight (!) years ago. Reading through that was a fun little trip down memory lane.
Yeah, I think Jaden mentioned as well he was a Buffy fan.

But, it's cool she actually does that! I haven't gotten any special prop-like items. Just all the BtVS/Ats DVDs and some of the comics.
Back when 20th Century Fox were auctioning off Buffy stock, I managed to get a bottle from the magic shop for my wife. I must actually look out for it next time.
Thanks @Matt7325, that was fun to look through. How things have changed...
I remember seeing Jaden Smith photographed in a Buffy t-shirt.
Their daughter's name is Willow.
Nebula1400, Willow is coz of Will just like Jaden with Jada.
So, they just liked Gender Bending before it becomes trend?
I hate hipsters ;)
Well, I didn't read the article, but I really enjoyed reading that old thread. :)

Thanks, Matt7325!
@Mirage: I know, but they could have chosen Willa, or Willene, Willetta, or some other variation of the name Will. Knowing how I went through the process of naming my own kids, I would not discount the show's influence in their choice of "Will" names. She was born Oct. 31, 2000, which would have been during the original run of Buffy.

I have daughters named Mariel and Marina. I named them after my brother and sister (Martin and Elena), but I would not have been exposed to the names had it not been for having seen the names Mariel (Hemingway) and Marina (Sirtis, or the puppet mermaid in "Stingray").
I tend to think any couple as intelligent as the SMiths tend to have more than one reason for the names they give their children; neither of those is a made-up name, Willow is traditionally female and Jaden male.

Sigh, if only I'd been able to make progress on my screenplay, Will and Sarah might be filming it as we speak. (Or maybe they're shooting Amber's small part and she and Sarah are filming the footless catsuits scene . . . .)

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