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"Oh my god. You teach ethics?"
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August 01 2014

Another excerpt from Joss Whedon: The Biography. Chapter title is "Curse Your Sudden but Inevitable Cancellation" and includes a discussion of Whedonesque and how Joss uses it (according to Kai.)

The chapter as a whole is about the last days of filming and when they heard they were cancelled.

Aw, man. That wound was finally starting to heal.
I like reading about us. Nice chapter, this'll be going on my Xmas list.
I read this book the other day and the thing that stuck, for some messed up reason, wasn't sad things like cancellations and let downs. It was people talking about Joss being an awesome dancer and owning the dance floors.
It just keeps popping up in my head and unfortunately most of the time it's of him doing The Dance of Joy. Doesn't feel right. But it makes as much sense as him voguing, breakdancing or krumping. Disco? Maybe.

Anyone seen his moves or something? Have to know so I can let it go :)
It's the best I've got.
Darn. Ebook version available on the publisher's website, but it won't allow me to buy it. Wonder if someone not living in the US, Canada or the UK are getting into the same problem?

Guess I'll just have to order the print version through amazon and wait for it.

ETA: Was able to find and purchase the Ebook version via EbookMall. The bad news is that it only has the ePub version available, if you prefer other type of files you will have to look elsewhere. Funny thing is that they have the UK (from Auram Books) version available instead of the one from Chicago Review Press. Good news is, they are charging the just slightly more than Amazon (US) for the hardcover, but still cheaper than CRP's digital versions, and will take my money without the "you're persona non grata" cause you don't live in the US, Canada or the UK. -

I know, I know, it got something to do with the rights issue. But in the globalized world, nothing is more annoying than laws saying that you should be 30 years behind the times.

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Thus far, I've read only the excerpts made available online (I have purchased the Kindle version and will getting to it tonight), but I just wanted to commend @C. A. Bridges's review. It's well-written and balanced, and it provides a nice introduction to the subject for those who might have been hiding behind a rock and not know who Joss is. Book reviews are sometimes difficult to write, and I think this one works well.
Stopped by my local independent bookstore and ordered my copy today. Hope they are right that it will come in early next week.
C.A. Bridges, I agree on Palehorse's comment on your review - nice work. So apparently according to David Greenwalt if Joss had had even one moment of true happiness in high school his life would have gone in an entirely different direction? Better not go there.

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