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August 01 2014

Before Game of Thrones, Pedro Pascal was on Buffy. Pascal reveals one of his very first TV roles.

No wonder I loved him so fast! He was totally Of Human Bondage Guy!
And in the same episode Xander mentions the Avengers. Maybe Whedon knew beforehand many years ago?
Sorry, but wasn't he already mentinated here, in a recent trhead? -
I mean, indirectly I guess? That story seems to have been more about Amy Poehler- it just used Pedro as a connecting device.
Woah. I did not make that connection.
That's pretty damn cool.
I watched that episode a bit ago, and I remember liking the character! I thought, "Why didn't this guy stick around? Oh right, he gets killed." But he seemed like a nice guy! Had no idea it was him! Too cool.
I'm just waiting for his return next season.
That is so cool. He looks the same, but different. I think it's the accent.

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