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August 01 2014

(SPOILER) Which Whedonverse actor is in the post-credits scene of Guardians of the Galaxy? Three Whedon actors have been confirmed to be in the movie.

Obviously, spoilers for Guardians of the Galaxy.

That I did not see coming.
There are four Whedonverse actors, then!

This one, two very well-known ones with minor roles, and a fourth one in the first scene, who was in The Train Job. Sorry to be so vague, but spoilers!
Duck and you miss it. :)
Ok, I wont go there because I'm afraid of spoilers, but my wishes go for Alexis D and Nick B.
Yes, before the marvel logo intro. For the 1st one. Although as a guest star in two Whedon shows (he was also in Dollhouse), just a tad bit less relevant than the other three. Although he's the only one who's easily recognizable.

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If they expand this role I hope they keep him for the voice. He's a great voice actor.
I freaking loved this movie.
I Am Groot! The movie was flarking awesome.
Ahh! That was ?

I saw Nathan Fillion, and the guy from The Train Job. Who was the fourth one? Sean Gunn?

That would make 5.

ETA: I can't wait to see it again!

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Hun, what? I just bent down to grab my beer when I heard something whistling over head. What'd I miss?
The Other is the character in The Avengers who is Thanos' lackey. That person was voiced by Alexis Denisof.

The guy from the "Train Job" is a man named Gregg Henry and to me as a Gilmore Girls fan is Mitchum Huntsberger. I wonder if he has Bowden's Malady in this movie...

How many times has Sean Gunn been an extra in a Joss Whedon show?

I missed Nathan Fillion's cameo, which scene is he in?

There is also a cameo from a Cornetto Triology person which I feel is the funniest part in the movie to me.
Did anyone else think The Other was drastically different in Guardians than Avengers?
Yeah he was more intimidating in Avengers. He was used to make Ronan look more powerful in this one. I wish there was another Thanos scene than what we got.

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Sean Gunn was in two episodes of Angel ("She" and "Hero"). Gregg Henry was in an episode of Dollhouse (in addition to his role in "The Train Job").

I didn't recognize Nathan Fillion, though ....
According to James Gunn Nathan Fillion is the CGI guard that Groot pulls apart in the prison scene.

Thanks for the info on Sean Gunn, erendis.
I still don't understand how that character's been able to exist.

I mean, it's basically Donald Duck with another name. Did Disney sue Marvel for the character's design ?
Disney doesn't own the copyright on anthropomorphic ducks. Besides, Donald and Howard are much further apart in terms of personality, temperament, and tone than you're giving them credit for.
I know they have different personalities, I was just talking about the design and it was a totally naive question ! Thanks anyway, I guess you answered it.
Yes, Disney went after Howard and he had to put on pants and change his overall look. Many are commenting on his presence in a Disney production. Howard and Disney
Disney did take issue and this is why Howard wears pants, among other things. I did recognize the character in the GOTG tag, although not Seth Green's voice. I'll admit to disliking the 80s movie with the character, so I was disappointed that was the scene we got. I did adore dancing Groot, though. I need GIFs of that, internet.
Jinx, redeem147. Exact same time stamp and everything.
We just returned from the movie and it was fabulous. I stayed away from this thread and I think that was for the best.

I had no idea whedony folk were in it. I did miss all of them and need to rewatch. So painful.

What a great great time!
I knew Nathan was the nose guard, and Alexis was the Other (though he did look different in GoG than in Avengers). Sean Gunn and Gregg Henry were obvious, since they were wearing their own faces. Totally missed that Seth Green was the voice of Howard the Duck.

I dread the possibility of another Howard the Duck movie.
I wouldn't get too worried about the possibility of a Howard the Duck film. I imagine that's a lower priority than a solo film for Gary, the Tony Stark news van fan guy. However, rare cameos from either of those characters in future Marvel movies would not bother me one bit.
There aren't any plans for a Howard the a Duck movie. James Gunn said he was just having fun and Kevin Feige said he wanted the scene to be a fun reminder that Howard the Duck is a Marvel character. I read an article that suggested the move was partly to show that the character still resonated, despite being in a much-hated movie in the 80s.

Dancing Groot made my day. I smile whenever I get to Jackson 5 on the soundtrack, which is brilliant, btw.
Thank you @ the ninja report. That's a good explanation.

I'm still rolling around in fandom squees from that movie. I think that I forgot to listen for Nathan because I was so caught up in the narrative.

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I remember a Brazilian podcast conspiracy comedy theory that Disney first buying Marvel, then George Lucas movie creations was only to controll the entire Howard the Duck franchise (comics and live action).
I freaking love Howard the Duck. I have the comics, the black and white magazines, the movie, and the letter to the editor I wrote when the Toronto Star cancelled the strip. Yes, I enjoyed that post-credits tag.
Honestly, for both Nathan as the "I'm gonna slather you in (alien species name) jelly" inmate that Groot did a Three Stooges move on and Alexis as The Other, I honestly didn't recognize them by voice. Heck, I didn't even realize the lackey of Thanos that Ronan beats up during his meeting with The Big Purple One (Who Is Not Joss) was The Other from The Avengers...didn't look like him and didn't seem to sound the same, so I thought it was a different Chitauri.

I did let out a quiet cheer - Special Hell, remember ;D - when Gregg Henry first appeared as Peter's grandfather.
Dancing groot gif!
I went to see it for a second time on Saturday just to catch the Nathan cameo, but was a little let down that you could not actually see Nathan.

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