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August 03 2014

Slant Magazine reviews Amy Pascale's "Joss Whedon: The Biography". Jonathan Russell Clark for The House Next Door on Slant Magazine reviews Amy Pascale's new biography of Joss Whedon.

I agree with a lot of the points in this review. It's not so much a biography of Joss as a chronological guide to the projects that he's done. With almost all the quotes from Joss coming from old articles etc. Not a whole lot of new information to be found unfortunately.
Always worry about this with officially sanctioned bios, although the alternatives are usually inaccurate and tawdry at best I suppose.
If the fangirling's really that excessive then I'd have to agree with the reviewer on it being an unimpressive biography.

But it sounds like it provides what all of us Whedon fans expect. I know Joss is private. I just want to know the behind the scenes stuff. So maybe, outside of the author needing to tamp down on the lovefest, the main problem is that this should be labeled less as a biography and more as a inside look at a creator's working life.
I finished the book today. Overall, I found it enjoyable. Though it is quite clearly a biography focused on the professional side of his life. I enjoyed the earlier chapters as they were the ones that I found had the most "new" material, as well as some of the early Buffy chapters.

Ultimately, there were a few places the author came through. I though it was far too clear that she was obviously not a fan of Buffy season six and the comments made about the storylines seemed more like comments from an Amazon review than something you'd find in a biography. I actually found that part quite distracting.
Yeah Knuckleball that jumped out at me too, and somehow the book kinda fizzled a bit toward the end, but in general I still found out things I did not know, and enough things, to make it worthwhile.

No, it is not chock-a-block with personal details, but I didn't expect it to be. I don't need to all all that anyway. Were there places I wanted more details? Sure! Did the chapter on Dollhouse make me want to actually watch it? Yes!

Still, as a creative myself, I found it an insightful and largely inspiring tome.
As someone who's not a "die hard" Whedonite - I never watched any of the TV shows when they were still being broadcast - I was surprised how much of the story, both the broad strokes and the related details I already knew. Internet osmosis I guess.

It's a decent read if a little breathless in admiration, and the author adds odd personal events and speaks "for" Joss more than I'd like

That said, as someone mentioned earlier - since most biography falls into either "dish the dirt" tear downs or "build a pedestal" PR sponsored events ... the book does a nice job providing a career overview for those looking for such a thing

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