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August 03 2014

Jewel Staite is planning an Orgy in a Small Town. Jewel Staite will star in the edgy comedy How to Plan an Orgy in a Small Town and the director is raising funds via Indiegogo to complete the project.

Edit: link direct to the indiegogo page now.

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Naturally the link to the campaign broke just as I was posting this. Haha. Oops.

Also, although I have nothing to do with this campaign, I want to mention that I backed this director for his last film and I got every perk and more and the film he made was funny and sweet and a bit raunchy and if you want to see something of his before backing this (even though he's got Jewel on board and for some crazy reason that's not enough...) his previous movie Sex After Kids (he might have a fetish or something) is available on VOD on Amazon & iTunes.

Also, anyone that does contribute (once the link goes up and WORKS) in the first three days of the campaign gets put in a drawing for a signed movie poster by all the cast and for a chance to have your name (or name of your choice) said by someone in the movie, maybe even Jewel.

Edit: It's working now: How to Fund an Orgy in a Small Town via Indiegogo.

Here's the link to the YouTube ad for the campaign.

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Fetish for sex probably is just lust or normal human desire, right?
I hope contributors realize they aren't planning an actual orgy in a small town, just a film by that name :)
Link is live again. Got the first of the early-bird Porno Edition DVDs.
Wow. It took me three tries to edit the link in to my original comment. I suck at the internet this morning. *sigh*

But, go go go and fund fund fund. :)
Five comments and still no one has said they'll be in their bunk? ;)
Holy moly, they're at 16k already! Yay.
Well, right now I'm watching the episode 2e02 of Gravity Falls, called Into The Bunker.
Holy crap! They are already 11.5% to their second stretch goal after just half a day.
30% percent funding already. Guess people really want to see Ennis Esmer go full Monty...?
Ennis Esmer was the funniest person in The L.A. Complex. I love him.

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