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August 06 2014

(SPOILER) Discuss Angel & Faith Season 10 #5. Chris Samnee and Jordie Bellaire's variant cover is great.

My thoughts:-

Was lovely to see a bit of London we've not seen before in the series.
I liked the roadworks gag, and as a London resident def appreciated it!
Interesting to see the headline at the end. Gave a nice bit of bite to a story that could have otherwise felt a bit inconsequential. (if you're reading Buffy too, the info on the new vamps was old news. Not to Angel, of course, but I wonder if this was the best way of revealing it to him).

My recurring problems with the series continue however...

1) I find each issue a bit thin on story content. When compared to a Gage issue of A&F or Buffy, they are a very quick read.
2) I find Gischler's writing, while perfectly acceptable, lacks the 'whedonesque' flavour I look for when judging the success of those working on these properties.
Just finished #5.

This was a really great standalone, but with elements I think we will be returning to as the season develops.

- Nice way to introduce the new breed of a vamps into the title.

- Brandt is now coming to Angel with cases. May as well ask an expert!

- Is Angel developing a drink problem? He never drank as much in the whole series as he has in the last few issues. And it's telling that in the panel where Angel says "Maybe I just don't want to sleep" he's pouring himself another drink and downing it in the next panel. How bad are these nightmares that Angel doesn't want to sleep? I don't think that this is the last we will see of Angel's bad dreams or drinking.

- Yay the Aunts! Funny as ever.

- loved how Angel ran into a "roadblock" down the sewers. He was always able to navigate the sewers in LA with no problem - so there were never sewer works going on in LA.:-) funny moment, but also a good realistic way to throw a hurdle in his path. There are always roadworks etc in the centre of London:-)

- so according to the front page of the newspaper on the last page there actually was a fire at a convent. The firemen at the beginning of the book looked to modern for Angelus' time. Is a Angel having another "Penn" experience? Will we see another of his progeny?

- no Faith this month. I presume the next standalone with be Faith-centric.

- art was good, but I'm looking forward to Conrad's return.
I enjoyed this issue. It did indeed feel like it was properly set in London. (Well except for maybe having Wolverine as the bartender! ;) )
Jas - That's Rory:-) I like Rory actually, fun recurring character. Seems to give away a lot of free drinks though!
I have Angel & Faith # 5 titled,"Old Habits."

I thought this was a very solid one and done story that introduced Angel to the new form of vampires and teased potential new plots with Angel's nightmare and the convent fire.

I actually wasn't bothered or surprised there was no Faith story this issue.Quite honestly I've been expecting at some point we would get issues with just Angel or just Faith to switch things up a bit.I'm sure Faith will be getting a full issue to herself too at some point.

It was nice seing the aunts again and I hope they continue to occasionally appear.Also good to see Brandt again I like the idea of Angel having a police contact like he used to with Kate or as Buffy currently has with Dowling.It just makes sense to me especially with how known the supernatural world is now to the public.

This was a good way to introduce the new rules vampires to Angel and I do like the little Buffy mention with Angel wanting to call Buffy about it but admitting he isn't ready to face her yet and she probably isn't ready to face him either.It's actually a nice tease since we pretty much know that Buffy and Angel will interact at some point later this season.

Overall a nice solid issue.


Given it more thought,Maybe if Angel isn't ready to talk to Buffy yet,he could make Giles and Willow his contacts once everybody's living situation is established in the next Buffy arc.
Kinda waiting for Faith, but ok, I get why they're doing that, and it was a really good story, a nice stand-alone with great moments. Loved to see the aunts back and the introduction of this "new' vampires was well-written. Nice way to introduce them and it felt like an old TV episode actually.

Still, they shouldn't call it Angel & Faith if they're going to do those kind of standalone with only one of them (Never been a fan of the title anyway...). Once finished I had the impression of having read one of the "old" issue of Angel (the non-canon parts after After the fall). It doesn't fit perfectly with the rest of the Whedonverse and I agree with Alex_Jamieson about the "whedonesque favour".

Waiting for more... However this last panel was intriguing and may quickly offer interesting stories.
Faith in Angel, I'm guessing Rory is a fan of wolves then judging by his out of control hair..LOL!
Sure wish I could get a bartender in London giving away free drinks!
Gage and Isaacs seem to have a knack for capturing those specific character moments that have been missing in A&F S10. And partially as a result of splitting the book, neither character's plot has a whole lot of momentum behind it yet either. This issue in particular didn't actually cover any new ground if you've been reading the Buffy title. I'm not entirely down on A&F, but I was hopeful I'd be able to continue enjoying this series more than I am. To date, I think it's been just "ok" at best.
Some reviews for this issue:

I like the comment at the end of the Comic Book Resources review: "It's great to see both Buffyverse series on track, rather than playing the "which is the good series this time?" game. "

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