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August 06 2014

Vulture answers: How do you get doubters to watch Buffy? Everyone's faced this challenge at some point, right? ;)

Short of a lasso and rope, you can't. Besides, if they don't, why bother?
I finally got my son to start watching after years of telling him how great it was, and as he was watching, his girlfriend got interested.

I think 'The Avengers' was part of the tug of the lasso, and I had persuaded him to watch 'Firefly' after bringing him to a screening of 'Serenity.' (He had to watch the series to gain an appreciation of the movie.)

Also, telling him the writers of almost all of his favorite shows (i.e. Game of Thrones) came from 'Buffy' helped.

He loves 'Buffy,' and is trying to watch 'Angel,' which he also loves, in conjunction with that.
It's not an adult male thing per se. Lots of guys like me, at the Beta, aLyson Hannigan Appreciation Society, etc. were close to or well past 40 when the show started. Aly herself has mentioned that most of the people she met who mentioned it were 40-somethigns, male and female.

I have to wonder who I'd be if I'd missed the show.

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