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August 06 2014

Joss announces through Twitter that Avengers 2 has finished shooting. He asks what he should do now that Avengers 2 has finished shooting.

I can't wait to find out what Joss will choose as his post-Marvel follow up. Or maybe they'll give him a Black Widow or Runaways film, please.
Wastelanders, plz.
That's terrific news, although now comes the job of, y'know, putting the whole damn thing together.

This summer's one-two Marvel punch of Winter Soldier and Guardians really raised the bar. It'll be interesting how Joss responds with his own latest vision (see what I did there?)

Do hope he has time to play a bit in other sandboxes for a time after. Having read the recent biography there's any number of projects sitting about waiting to be picked up again, along with whatever new ideas may pop into his head at random intervals. Dr. Horrible? Shakespeare? Musical? An AoS script or three?

Do hope he has one last rodeo with Avengers down the road - I believe Avengers 3 would be the last contracted movie for almost all the cast, it'd be great if he could close out what's been a rather amazing moment in recent film history
Does anybody know what his contractual obligations are with Marvel at this stage? At one time I remember that Joss had an "option" to produce the third Avengers movie if he wanted to, though I haven't heard anything since then. I could just not be paying attention.

I would personally like to see him move away from Marvel and do something fresh, not that I have a choice of course!
My recomendations go for a long vacation (Brazil could be a travel address ;) then, another DrHSA.
A vacation, then writing one or two Buffy S10 comics #keepdreaming
Macbeth? Doc H2? That would be nice.
Doesn't he owe his wife a trip to Italy?
Serenity: Leaves on the Wind

It's already written and story-boarded.
agree - vacation then DrH2, a Buffy comic(s) and a SHIELD ep?

I honestly can't say if I'm interested in a Joss leading A3. It's a very consuming commitment. I feel that he's laid the groundwork for new folks to follow his creative lead in managing ensemble superhero movies.

I may feel differently next May.

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How about taking Kai to Italy and then more Shakespeare?

When I worked in live theatre, we called this the "post-production blues."
Illyria and perhaps, her kind?
As if his work is done now...

Yep, he needs to get with Warren Ellis and do Wastelanders (though now Warren is crazy busy, too). And then he needs to do Serenity 2 and write another Fray miniseries.
Well, he could always try his hand at the Wonder Woman movie he wanted to do...except with this Lady Sif character that's been seen around a few places.
I am with ImmaDeker and AndrewCrossett, Wastelanders.

Joss told Stephen Colbert that he wanted to do a ballet next. Hopefully Summer Glau can help out with that.

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I'm probably nearly alone in this, but I'd love to see something by Gilbert and Sullivan get the Much Ado treatment. Though that might be more work than a between-films gig.
As You Like It. I want some Rosalind and Jacques via Joss, please!

Also, I agree, Italy.
I know!

Joss, go to New York. Get Sir Ian McKellen and Sir Patrick Stewart into an apartment and film "The Odd Couple". The only change would be that Felix (played by Sir Ian) would bring home a brother and a sister instead of a pair of sisters. I suggest John Barrowman for the Pigeon brother.

I've had this idea since I saw "Much Ado About Nothing". It'd make a great vacation project.
Dr. Horrible 2! Love Neil and Nathan, but they aren't getting any younger ;-)
I hope he writes more comics featuring Buffy, Fray and Illyria.
After he finished everything Avengers, I'd love to see something original from him again.
Hamlet, with Alexis Denisof! :)

I would like to see him return for Avengers 3. I'd be happy for them to delay it for a few years if it meant Joss got to finish off the best superhero trilogy there'd ever been. And I would dearly love to see him write a Thanos confrontation.

Having said all this, I think Joss deserves a vacation before even thinking of doing anything else!
Writing an episode of S.H.I.E.L.D. is all I really ask for. Wastelanders can be saved for his post AoU project should he choose not to take on A3.
Dream List:

"The Serving Girl", Joss' unrealized Ballet with Summer Glau.

"Firefly: The Animated Series/Film", the perfect way to keep the 'Verse alive and kicking.

Come visit me and other Browncoats at the 7th Annual Browncoats Backwoods Bash September 20th!
I'd like to see Marvel offer him an obscene stack of money to do Avengers 3, and then Joss walks away from it to do small independent films. A strong statement.

And one of those small independent films might turn out to be kinda horrible.
My guess is thet he will sign up for Avengers 3. Yes, his profile has been raised in the post few years but its not like its that easy, even for him, to put a project in motion.

Even DH2, which would be my biggest bet, seems unlikely. I imagine Jed and Maurissa will be super bussy with AoS and that's a project that needs attention.

Some of the projects mentioned here would be good though: King Lear with himself in the title role... just saying. Although the Gilbert and Sullivan idea seems nice. Again, with him singing: "I am the very model of a Comic Con god-hero". My two cents.
I know it won't happen, but Serenity 2 would be rather nice.
I agree he needs to do more awesomeness but if he thinks A3 is too much to direct I really hope he still writes it. I don't know if I trust anyone else with all those egos.
At this point Joss is one of Hollywood's most influential people. Everything he has touched with Marvel has turned to absolute gold. He has the money, the credibility, and the Hollywood Gravitas to do another Serenity if he wants to. Please Joss ... want to

Maybe we should try to get #Serenity2 trending

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Hey Joss, treat the family to a trip to Australia or NZ, seriously man, its like visiting heaven but warmer and friendlier and no Hollywood to bug you. Then something with Nathan, Summer, Alan, Gina, Adam, Jewel and a few of our other fav crew members. I'm sure they'd give a limb or two to feature in some random sequel that shall not be named for fear of bringing back bad memories. You are a hollywood Demi God of Willow preportions now. Treat yourself.
dream list:
-Disney backs up a huge dump truck load of cash to write, also possibly direct, but at least write Avengers 3/4. Not to get too specific but A3 would be along the lines of Avengers Annual 7 where Thanos defeats and imprisons the Avengers. A4 would be like the Thing/Spiderman 2-in-1, but with the Guardians of the Galaxy; rescuing and teaming up with the Avengers to defeat Thanos.

-Something new, I bet there is something really interesting brewing on the backburner

-Continue to consult with Marvel Studios

-A week on Bequia is always a good idea.
-Wastelanders and Goners seem intriguing

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I was going to suggest hiking in Ireland or Scotland (with his family, without a cell phone), but then I remembered his recent knee operation.
He should probably post a comment on every whedonesque thread. Seems like a reasonable use of time.
Nothing strenuous. Mini-golf is always the first thing that comes to mind, but I think Joss can do better than that.
What's he sitting on and what's in the background? Why do I feel it looks sorta like the cargo door and bay of Serenity?
I think the time is finally right for that Clem spin-off series!

But seriously, I'll watch whatever he writes/creates.
In my dream world, after he and Warren Ellis do Wastelanders, they pitch HBO on a big-budget adaptation of Ellis and Darick Robertson's "Transmetropolitan" comic, with Tim Roth as Spider Jerusalem.

I initially thought the same thing. But then I realized its more likely the cargo door of a Quinjet...
A story you might choose to tell differently: Scheherazade’s. Every day a rich man takes a new virgin bride, then has her killed the next day. S volunteers to step in, and famously enchants him. She saves the lives of a thousand other women, as well as whatever number he would have killed later had it not been for her intervention. Her reward: she gets to marry a king. Her actual reward: she gets to marry a serial rapist and serial killer. People have always treated this as a happy ending. How about a better ending for her?
Dearest JossBoss,

Um, what should you do next: I know, let's ask Will Shakespeare!

Let me count the ways

Neither a borrower nor a lender be
(make the suits pay)

Will these hands never be clean?
(mmm, doesn't really work)

There is nothing either good or bad,
but thinking makes it so.

(so throw your dart and go with where it lands)

Let our just censures
Attend the true event, and put we on
Industrious soldiership.

(where you go I will follow)

This above all: to thine own self be true,
And it must follow, as the night the day,
Thou canst not then be false to any man.

(Joss, if you are honest with yourself,
you know where your desires lie!)

A lot of Hamlet but Hamlet really says it all, doesn't he?
I'm good with more Marvel. As in Captain Marvel. :)
I would like Joss to rewrite the final acts of a whole bunch of operas so that things work out less horribly for the female lead. Women in opera have a higher fatality rate than the student body at Sunnydale High School. Examples: Carmen, Tosca, Madame Butterfly, La Traviata, Wozzeck, Pagliacci. I wouldn't want him to change the music--just the action and the words. With Turandot, which has magnificent music but a thoroughly sexist premise, he could rewrite the entire libretto.
I can't help but dream big...Serenity 2&3!
He can do whatever he wants. But I'd really like it if he bought Goners back from Universal, regardless of whether or not he ever has the time/inclination to do anything with it.

Yea, Goners would be nice! Even just the name sounds just intriguing to me somehow. But then gain I just teared up by letting my imagination run wild an imagining an Big Damn Movie #2 announcement at a fan convention with silhouettes of our crew and roaring applause and cheers. Doing the impossible once was amazing but doing the impossible twice would be earth shattering. At least my tiny personal earth shrouded in darkness and invaded by frownie faces would shatter (and then I'd know where to hitch a ride!).

Oh my, I think I need to breathe into a paper bag or something...

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