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August 06 2014

Angel's son Connor and Rory Gilmore are married! Vincent Kartheiser and Alexis Bledel were secretly wed earlier this summer.

There's no word on whether any Mad Men or Gilmore Girls cast members were in attendance, but we're going to assume Don got drunk, Lorelai made the dress, Sookie made the cake, and Luke scowled in the corner.

I am also assuming no demons from Quor-Toth were in attendance.

Congrats to the couple.
Didn't we know this? I feel like we knew this.

Regardless - happy blessings.
Congratulations to both.
They are both so cute and baby faced, i mean like, kitten playing peek-a-boo cute. Imagine the cuteness of their Kids!
We knew they were engaged.
Oh, sugar, you just gone and done the dumbest thing in your whole life.
They're story on "Mad Men" was heartbreaking.
(Sigh!) Yeah RobynH that was the quote that came to mind to me too! :)
But congratulations nonetheless!
Congratulations to Vincent and Alexis!
Congrats to the couple. But I don't think they'd like being called Conry. Just like I'd never say Fruffy (since he often played characters with the same name as his) to the Prinzes.

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