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August 07 2014

Kyle MacLachlan will guest on Agents of SHIELD according to Damn fine news. Spoilers for other tv shows and movies on the linked page. Update: TVLine tells us what character he'll be playing on the show.

Amazing news. I don't know if there's a more purely, immediately likable character in TV history than Dale Cooper.
This is where we find out that Hydra are connected to the Black Lodge.
They got a cherry pie there that'll kill ya.
So Kyle MacLachlan will be playing The Doctor? What's wrong with Peter Capaldi?

Also, apparently they gave May a potion in which she ages backwards, kind of like Benjamin Button. It seems like there will be cosmic developments after all.
I see that I'm not the only pondering if cherry pie will an appearance.
TVLine has a huge potential spoiler as to who the character is, I was going to post the link but the spoiler is in the URL. They are saying he's playing

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Entertainment Weekly is saying the same thing. If true, this will hopefully be the start of better pacing in the show.
Darn! No like button for Simon. (I've been spending too much time on Facebook.)
That's really cool, if true.
Having just received my Twin Peaks: The Complete Mystery blu-ray set, I couldn't be happier with the many hours I'll be spending with Kyle this fall. Always one of my favorites.
Do we know yet who Lucy Lawless will play? 'cause...if what they're saying about Kyle is true, then...Xena and the Kwisatz Haderach? Oh boy. The potential for serious kicking of butts is out of this world.
I would assume it is true, since both Chloe and Maurissa have tweeted it.
The sleeper has awakened!

(I'm so keen for this.)
@ShadowQuest-TV Line says she is playing someone named Isabelle Hartly a veteran SHIELD agent and I think an Original Character.

I said months ago on this very site, when season 1 ended, my theory was that Skye was the MCU version of the Inhuman Crystal, and her father would be none other than Black Bolt, the Inhumans' leader.

And now they've cast a man who can KILL WITH A WORD!!

. . . Yes, I'm being facetious, I still don't believe for a second that my old wacky theory is going to pan out. But seriously, if it did, that would be HILARIOUS! Usul no longer needs the Weirding Module!

When he appeared on HIMYM, my gut reaction was "Douchey Ted is taller than Paul Atreides?"

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