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August 07 2014

(SPOILER) Henry Simmons joins Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.. He will reoccur as Agent Alphonso Mackenzie.

Hey not to state what's becoming obvious but ... given the large number of new cast members, and given the large number of returning cast members. Well ....

Some peoples ain't gonna make it through Season 2

Just sayin'
The same idea did cross my mind
Whoa major spoilers! I don't mind but I know someone will.
Yeah, def a huge spoiler in there about a certain role. we get a spoiler tag on that for Kyle MacLachlan's role?

As far as all the casting news, yeah, it might mean that some people aren't gonna make it through Season 2, but I also see it as a really good sign that Marvel/ABC aren't holding back at all. These are some big names that they're bringing in.
Funny, I'm thinking squinterns, not toe tags.
Well, yeah, maybe some RIPs coming OR maybe like so many procedurals out (especially crime ones) they have a large cast that rotates in episodes with focus on a few.

I'm leaning towards there being the core Coulson team (which exchanged one member with another) then the rest of SHIELD growing around them with cast we will see on and off. And of course the returning baddies *cough*Ward*cough*.
A large cast could also suggest plans for spin-off series in the future. Just a thought.

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