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August 08 2014

Inside the secret folk song Joss Whedon co-wrote while making "The Avengers 2". How cool is this? BuzzFeed has the scoop and a snippet of the first song from the EP Joss is making with Shawnee Kilgore. And if you want to buy the song, it's now available on iTunes and cdbaby.

"I just know a thing keeps growing up, or else it up and dies..."
Wow. What a lovely song.
Once the EP has a title, I can create a new category. Which hasn't happened in a while.
Joss never ceases to amaze!
What a lovely project, and beautiful song! Very curious and excited for the full EP!

EDIT: Tried to write down the lyrics, but not sure I got everything 100% right... If anyone could check, might be helpful for international folks.


What if I wake up tomorrow bigger than my bed
What if I tried standing and I cracked the ceiling with my head
What if I come over and you open your front door
find me looking in your bedroom window on the second floor

Would you laugh
Would you scream
And pray it was a dream
Could you be glad to see big giant me

Suppose that I keep growing until I don't fit on my lawn
Move on up the mountain side with only rocks for sleeping on
Would you build me a bed, or stay in yours instead
Could you be glad to see big giant me

I know you like peace and quiet
I know pride goes before fall
I know the villagers might riot
I might try it after all
and might wake up much too tall

I could get chased out of town cause everyone is afraid
but I think that I'd be gentle and I know I'd help the tourist trade
If you think about it, I'm not saying I won't stay this size
I just know a thing keeps growing up, or else it up and dies...

And I think, maybe you could be a giant too
And you'd be glad to see how we'd live enormously
You'd be glad to see big giant me

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Yes WhatsAStevedore, that is a great part of the song. The whole thing keeps my faith in Joss chugging along.
This makes me so happy.

Suggestion: Maybe Simon could create the category "Untitled Shawnee Kilgore EP" (which reminds me of how certain project titles look like during pilot order season) and then update the name once the title is announced.

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Downloaded, listened, loved.
Not the kind of music I normally go for, but had to download it. It's Joss, I couldn't help myself.
Our Love's not hard to explain,
Zepto to yotta,
Joss, and we gotta.

So, he becames to big because of Avengers or is he AntMan?
The perfect theme song for The Amazing Colossal Man, 56 years too late (or someone from season 8 of the Buffy comics, actually)
It turns out one of my best friends knows Shawnee! Very exciting. Just downloaded the song.
O golly, how exciting - can't wait til my household is awake so I can play this! The story is grand and sweet, the lyrics are intriguing.
Ugh. Why did it have to be iTunes.

Nowhere else? I don't want to register to that for just one song.
Aw. He wrote a song about Dawn.
He tweeted another link ( as well.
At the end of the article there's one of the best corrections I've ever seen. And I've added the cdbaby link to the entry, thanks for that.
Think I got lost between "Dragon Slayer" and "Song Bird".
"I know you're really busy..." Said the guy making Avengers.

Not really my kind of music, (but of course I love the lyrics!), and the way Joss fills his life with creativity is so, so inspiring.
YouTube? Spotify?
Thanks ssbssa. I didn't mind registering at for a drm-free download quite as much. iTunes gives me the shivers.

Lovely song!
What a touching story! And yes, Whedon saying to Shawnee "I know you're busy" - how hilariously sweet! Also of course I loved the bit of the song I've heard. Must acquire it.

kaiuno, why does iTunes give you shivers?
I don't knownabout kaiuno, but I don't have any Apple products and recently I tryed to sign in iTunes, just to give the podcast Treknologic a five star review, and I gived up, after filling in a giant form and allways having error messages.

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