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"Coming from you, that phrase strikes me as rather funny. Sorry to bother me."
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August 09 2014

Joss Whedon talks Marvel and DC movies and more. Joss offered his thoughts on the state of movies produced by the comics industry at the recent Nerd HQ chat.

I realize this is a summary of what he said couple weeks ago. I know it is going to get deleted.
I think that both studios [Marvel and Warner/DC] have kind of different agendas
Yeah, Marvel has a tight well made plan, while DC shots randomly everywhere hoping to get something. Their luck is to have more known characters who can make huge audiences with good or bad products.
Not everyone got time to watch the NerdHQ video, so potted summaries are fine.
Marvel: carefully executed, politically correct, everyman-centric fun that's mediocre at worst and very good at best.

DC: haphazard, edgy, individualized escapist fantasy that's God-awful at worst and timelessly Classic at best.

Imo there's a time and a place for both (although everyone's gonna have their personal preference - I like my escapist fantasy edgy and escapey.)

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Thank you, Simon, I in fact did miss this. It's good to see comments towards each other? Who knows, maybe these two kids will make up and kiss. Hey, stranger things have happened!
As always, very classy comments from Joss, and he of course deftly sidesteps the fact that DC hasn't done half the job Marvel has in building a universe up with anything but Supes and Bats. Captain America scaring the latter caped crusaders off of a good summer release weekend in 2016 tells you all you need to know on that front.
Doesn't have to be a zero sum - I win you lose - kind of game. One can appreciate each slice of genre for its own merits.
I think that is what I understood from the piece and what I can agree with.
Thing is, the Marvel vs. DC thing has really, really, really creeped into both comic movie coverage and into the fanbases. It's been enough to cause me to disengage in a lot of cases. IO9, I'm looking squarely in your direction.

I'm with Joss. I WANT everything so I want to enjoy Iron Man or the Avengers and I want to be able to enjoy something that attempts a darker, more psychological take in the genre.

That's not to say Marvel and DC can't dabble in both themselves and they need to be one or the other, but it's nice that that as fans we can have both.

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I think that the Dark Knight trilogy is the bee's knees, but Man of Steel really let me down, and it doesn't exactly inspire confidence in the cinematic universe that it was meant to launch. I'm a bit hopeful about Ben Affleck's Batman, though. With Marvel, on the other hand, the movies have ranged lately from merely satisfying to absolutely spectacular.

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>>We're not ignoring it, but he definitely has to deal with a mad 8 foot robot.

Ultron has 8 feet?
(They really did stray from the text)
Remember when we used to speak Buffy?
Remember when we used to speak Buffy?


Yeah, good old yesterdays an maybe today in other threads, like the one right before this ;)
Some of us still do speak Buffy but until he goes back to actively writing it (I think a middle aged Buffy might actually be interesting since it subverts the dying young thing) it's kind of hard to speak it. I just don't have any new insights at this point.

That's always been the fun of this site. It was Buffy and Angel and Firefly and Dollhouse and now Shield/Marvel.

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