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August 10 2014

Bronze and Firefly bars aren't better places to eat than Central Perk. Brazilian podcast Foodcast reviews ficticious restaurants.

Whedon's works are mentioned, but they lose also to Milliways and Krusty Krab (for its amusing capacity to fry aliments under the sea).

This seems to be in Portuguese. The Bronze was a nightclub that did a bit of food on the side, I wouldn't expect a gourmet experience.
You're right, mr_waterproof, the podcast name is in English, but as a Brazilian production, it is in Portuguese. Theydidn't rated the places for their tasteful culinary, instead, the most commented itens were about the enviroment. And probably Spike would disagree with you, reggarding the cooking in Sunnydale's night club, especially concerning fryed onions.

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