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August 12 2014

Dan's Toku Rants interviews Sophia Crawford. Buffy's stunt double talks about her work in 'Buffy', 'Power Rangers' and starting her own fitness business.

She also goes into detail about her background in stunts, how stunt coordinator Jeff Pruitt proposed to her, and whether she interacts with the actors she was doubling for.

Some very diplomatic comments about her departure from the show: "To be honest with you, my body after four seasons was wrecked ... in some ways it was a relief." Great interview with some fun stories.
She could try a job with Tarantino. A stunt woman who had done Japanese based tv show would be in his taste.
Is there a story there, to her leaving the show? I just assumed it was related to the discussed-in-S5-extras move to a different style of fight choreography for the character and show.
If you Google for Jeff Pruitt and "Parable of the Knight" you should find out the story.
It was a better world before I read that. Not your fault, though :) DVD extras are definitely a glass half full endeavour by their nature, is my takeaway.

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