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August 13 2014

(SPOILER) Dark Horse's Buffyverse comic books for November. There's info and cover art for Angel & Faith #8 and Buffy Season 10 #9. And the first Buffy Season 9 Library Edition is confirmed for a January release.

Yay. Now that is officially solicited.
Time to wonder on the somewhat likely speculation that Serenity comics might be getting a similar Library edition treatment, as we head into ten year anniversary from movie release - also 10 year release of the Those left Behind, next year.

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Wow- that Angel cover is great.

So Amy doesn't stay hidden for too long then!
Agreed,really love that Angel cover
I like the idea of a slow burn crossover between Willow/Amy/Angel.

Why is Andrew allowed near the book?

With Riley, Kennedy, Harmony, Dracula all getting roles so early in the season, they only one missing out of Buffy's supporting cast is Oz, I'd hope to see him again.
I think the second Buffy cover is gorgeous. The Buffy couldn't be more perfect. I like the designs too.

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