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August 13 2014

Dan Casey of speculates about Skye's parentage. In his video show Dan Casey tries to figure out the next franchise in the Marvel universe and uses Skye's background as a clue.

I agree with this. I said at the end of last season Skye is most likely Inhuman, it's an easy out for why her powers haven't been shown yet, a small group of Inhumans vs our SHIELD agents would solve the problem of lack of stakes and give them better missions then just clean up after random space junk, and the Kree already being touched on is the perfect way to set this up. And with these rumblings of an Inhumans movie so close to Skye's father being cast, it's probably more then a coincidence.

The other speculation is Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch will be Inhumans in Avengers 2. That can work for the MCU but it will cause a massive shift and retcon if/when the comics try and incorporate that, as they are Magneto's children in the comics and past X-Men cartoons.
I wonder if they will try to explain Quicksilver and Scarlet. Obviously they can't refer to them as mutants, but so far every super character has had an explanation for their powers (i.e. rather than "just because").
Well, they could say their mother was an Inhuman, to set up the rumored Inhuman movie. That would probably work for the MCU but I can already hear the mess this will create on the comic forums.
I've been saying the same thing for months. Reasons why Skye's an Inhuman (and Raina's one too):

1) Chloe Bennett accidentally confirmed to a reporter that "I know the alien was a Kree," the race responsible for the Inhumans. The question wasn't even about the alien; it was about the future of her character. She then retracted that statement a few days later, saying it was a "guess", but it really looked more like she accidentally said something she didn't *know* was a secret. - @1:30

2) Raina not only talks about how she and Skye have something in common, but she's also very interested in evolution and transformation. An awful lot of Raina's and Garrett's dialogue in the finale was really heavy on the Inhuman imagery. The question she had for the Clairvoyant was "What will *I* become?" Stress on the "I".

3) Whatever Skye's metahuman nature is, she *looks* perfectly human. So does Raina. They said that there was something odd about Skye's blood, but Simmons' reaction wasn't "This isn't even human!" Nonetheless, Skye's parents were described as "monsters".

4) Skye was discovered as a baby in China. Where was Scorch, the only other person in Season 1 with unexplained metahuman powers? China. And where is the Inhuman homeland of Attilan? In the Himalayas.

None of this means that Skye has to map onto an existing Inhuman character. The Inhumans are, by definition, a *race* of people, so there's no need to make her be a TV adaptation of a particular preexisting Inhuman. Remember, this is a SHIELD show where *none* of the regular SHIELD characters are taken from the comics.
Quicksilver was married to an Inhuman (Crystal.) Don't they only have powers when they go through the mist?

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"Don't they only have powers when they go through the mist?"

Yep. They're apparently long-lived and tend to have great athletic prowess, but they don't have any superpowers and they look perfectly human.

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